Albandary Engineering has approximately 13 investment professionals ranging from mega projects to smaller ones with footprint across many cities in Kuwait. We believe our multi-asset class experience, global scale; deep property knowledge and our principal orientation, flexibility and non-bureaucratic approach differentiate us from other providers in the commercial real estate market.
Following the user’s rules, regulations and requirements
Albandary Engineering understands the challenges our clients face with rising exploration and production costs and we are consistently finding ways to design more cost-effective solutions that meet the requirements for a particular field development.

Ability to manage the project cost
As part of the wider Al Bandary International Group – B.I.G., which currently has over 16 individual companies covering key areas such as transportation, manufacturing and construction, the strength of the group’s performance is based on its ability to utilize the synergies between the group companies to support and complement each other, and to manage risk through diversification and strong management.
Customer satisfaction and hiring again based on performance
Albandary Engineering improves relations with customers by not only getting to know them better and allowing your company to reduce costs, but by getting new prospects while increasing the loyalty of the existing ones. As we manage client data, tracks interactions and automate workflows, the efficiency and organization are increased allowing agents to close more deals, faster.

Giving back to the community
We believe in the power of giving back to the community. As engineering professionals that work in Qatar, we know that being committed to provide only high-quality services will play an active role in promoting the growth of our community. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Albandary

The Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC/QA) is one of our fingerprints, we prepare and implement the QC/QA plan and any associated and relevant directives and instructions needed to support the plan. The main duties will be to develop and manage the quality control and quality assurance procedures and ensure contracts for the rehabilitation of the roads are up to the specifications. Our Quality Responsibilities:

• Develop written procedures for quality control/quality assurance, and perform needed tests on site to ensure conformity of material and works according to the contract specifications.
• Supervise construction works contracts including quantity measurement, quality, variation and payments.
• Review the existing standard documentation for the Operations Centre and propose any improvements deemed necessary.
• Develop standard quality control procedures to be performed by the contractors.
• Develop a procedure to establish norms to define the project-alternatives that will be evaluated for each construction task.
• Develop and conduct robust procedures for quality assurance.
• Review of the Bill of Quantities and the contract documents for each section of the construction task.
• Define a procedure for using the cost norms to establish the cost of rehabilitation and maintaining the construction task.
• Perform any other duties deemed necessary by the Chief Technical Advisor/Project Manager.

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